Squirrel predators: What animals eat squirrels?

As you already know, squirrels tend to consume anything that they come across. In fact, there aren’t many foods that a Squirrel will not eat. However, Squirrels are being eaten by numerous other animals as well. Here is a list of some of the most prominent predators that Squirrels have.

Birds that eat Squirrels
Numerous bird species are eating squirrels. You will be able to find how hawks and owls have received a lot of attention for such birds. These birds are capable of swooping down in order to eat the Squirrels. The Squirrels that are eating corn and acorn in open fields fall victims for these birds. You can also think about calling hawks as the biggest predators that Squirrels have. These birds are equipped with an excellent vision. Hence, they will be able to spot Squirrels from distance. They will be able to see eight times better when compared to human beings. Therefore, we often see how Squirrels are being killed by Squirrels.

Snakes and numerous other reptiles are killing Squirrels as well. That’s because most of the snakes have the ability to climb trees. Squirrels who are living in their nests are impacted by this. Squirrels are aware of this fact as well. That’s the main reason why they have constructed multiple nests. If they notice that a snake is attacking a nest, the Squirrels will tend to move to another nest that they have quickly. You will also be able to find how snakes coil into the holes and attack Squirrels. In addition to that, they are looking forward to escaping from the other predators as well. Snakes are capable of getting anywhere. They will be able to slither through bushes and climb trees. Hence, snakes find it as an easy task to kill Squirrels.

Foxes and coyotes
Foxes and coyotes can also be considered as some of the biggest predators of Squirrels. They have the ability to notice Squirrels who are spending their time in the open fields with ease. Then they will quickly catch those Squirrels and kill them. On the other hand, these predators are faster than Squirrels. Therefore, they have all the ability to catch Squirrels with ease. They will keep on chasing the Squirrels until they catch them. In some of the instances, you will be able to see how Squirrels trick these four legged animals and ensure their survival. For example, when the Squirrels notice a hole in the ground, they get into that hole and keep themselves protected from the foxes. You need to keep in mind that these predators are carnivorous. Therefore, they eat the Squirrels that they catch at any time. Apart from these predators, human beings are responsible for killing many Squirrels out there in the world as well.

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